Monday: Are you following the news? 

Who is Andrea Lehane and what happened to her? 
-Write down 10 key facts about what happened.

-How do you feel about what happened? 

-What are your thoughts about the boys? 

-Find me a tier two word and find out the meaning: put it in a sentence! 

-Don’t forget to reference! 

Wednesday 9th… 

Maths: Get a laptop and go into the website

First, I would like you to have a go at: 

– fractions, decimals, percent (jeopardy game). 

-changing fractions to decimals and percents (millionaire game) 

Once you have had a go at these, you can have a go at some of the others games in this site! 

Reading: Use yesterday’s lesson on inferring – watch the video and come up with at least 3 inferences – backing these up with evidence!! 

Independent reading 

Inquiry: Finalise everything that you need to present to the unit! If you are finished, practise how you will present- the better you know your content the more confident you will be! Make sure you can answer the question: How do our actions at school/Home impact our environment? (You need to know both positives and negatives!) 


Finish your creative explanation, Aboriginal story, I wish poem. Have a look back over your writing pieces in your draft book and see if there are any you have not yet finished… If you do not have anything to finish then you can start a new seed/ piece of writing! 

Inquiry: You will all be presenting your work to the rest of the grade. After each presentation I would like peer suggestions on things they have done well and things they might need to work on before presenting it to the grades on Friday! 


Tuesday 8th 


Watch the short film. What inferences can you make whilst watching this film? (At least 3) 

Independent writing 


Finish your creative explanation and I wish pieces! Swap with 3 people in the room to read their creative explanations! 

Aboriginal studies: 

Discuss: what are dreamtime stories and why did Abotiginal people have them? 

In partners read one of the stories and write down: 

What happened in the story? 

What animals were in the story? 

What type of pictures were in the book? 

What was it trying to teach you about? 

Get together with another group and discuss your answers! 

ICT – best behavior please! 

Math– finish planning my Sydney Holiday!! Check the dates/availability 25/09-2/10

Collect the prices for everything off the other groups and tell me how much it is going to cost me!!! 

Also we are now thinking it might be quicker to fly – is it cheaper to fly there and back rather than drive and stay somewhere? What is the cheapest flight?